Consequences of Bullying

Often kids underestimate the consequences of bullying.

“Oh, it’ll just make her feel bad for a minute.”
“He’ll know we’re just joking.”
“Oh look at the little baby cry for a minute.”

In reality, the consequences of bullying can be deep and long-lasting. Teachers and others who talk to kids about bullying shouldn’t sugarcoat the consequences of bullying. The extremes aren’t pretty, but kids need to know the extent of what could happen before they decide to engage in some harmlessbullying.

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4 Myths About Bullying

Bullying has gotten attention over the last few years, but thousands of kids are still bullied every day. In honor of National Bullying Prevention Month, we present to you 4 Myths About Bullying. Share these myths with the kids and teens so that they know exactly what bullying is and remind them that bullying is always a big deal.

#1: If I put someone down, I am bullying.

Bullying happens over and over again. While you shouldn’t do it, putting someone down once doesn’t make you a bully.

#2: Only nerds and weird kids get bullied.

Even popular kids can be bullied, especially if the bully finds their area of weakness.

#3: Bullying means beating someone up.

Bullying takes other forms. You can call being names, exclude them, tease them, laugh at them, and gossip about them. It’s any attempt to knock someone down.

#4: Being bullied isn’t a big deal.

Being bullied is ALWAYS a big deal.